Consulting Services

Elevator Audit: An elevator audit is a full review of the elevator equipment, typically followed by a detailed report. The purpose of an audit is to assess the condition of the elevator equipment and to provide an evaluation of the current elevator maintenance.

An elevator audit examines the components of the elevator system that cannot be accessed by non-elevator trained personnel. The audit will review the elevator components, quality of the maintenance and the overall reliability of the elevator system in the elevator machine room, elevator hoistway, elevator car top and elevator pit.

This is not the same as an elevator inspection. An elevator inspection reviews only items as related to code violations. An elevator can shut down every day and still be 100% code compliant.

The audit gives managers and owners a look at the short term and long term condition of the elevator system and gives decision makers impartial pertinent information on the systems in order to make correct capital decisions. Also, if the maintenance company is not providing quality elevator maintenance, that will be addressed in the consultants audit report.

By performing scheduled site audit reviews on an annual or custom basis, the consultant can ensure deficiencies are being corrected timely and proper levels of maintenance are being provided.

Elevator Maintenance Agreements: The elevator consultant created an “owner” oriented elevator maintenance program that is specific to the elevator system in each building. Elevator maintenance programs are not a “one size fits all” approach. The program must be tailored to address the specifics of each different type, vintage and manufacturer.

The consultant’s created program/agreement will identify required mandated maintenance hours and procedures to ensure that the elevator maintenance program extends the life of the equipment and ensures safe reliable operation. Required preventative maintenance times, call back times, parts replacement, overtime rates, escalation terms and contract terms are all covered under the consultant’s maintenance agreement with the manager and owner in mind (not the interest of the elevator maintenance company).

The consultant created contract can also fairly address the issue of component “obsolescence” that has become a huge cost impact for buildings with elevators and escalators.


Elevator Modernization: The consultant will perform a detailed site review of the elevator equipment to determine the existing condition of the equipment and measure the performance of the elevators. The consultant will determine if an upgrade of the equipment (modernization) is warranted and what options are available. If a modernization is needed, the consultant will provide a recommended modernization “Scope of Work” and will identify required “Related Building” work. Cost estimates for the recommended elevator modernization will be included in this initial review stage.

After the appropriate modernization program is established, the consultant creates the modernization and contract bidding documents including the elevator upgrade scope of work. Specific owner requirements (insurance requirements and general condition provisions) are included in the project bid package.

The consultant helps oversee the bid process and prepares an analysis of the bid results with a Recommendation of Award.

Once the project is awarded to an elevator contractor, the consultant reviews the shop drawings/submittals to ensure compliance with the established scope of work. The consultant can also assist with ongoing project management including vendor invoice review and approval, site progress reviews, final acceptance reviews and project documentation close out reviews.

Due Diligence: The elevator consultant performs a thorough, in-depth analysis of the elevators and escalators in a potential property acquisition. The due diligence review and report provide a full assessment of the elevator condition, an evaluation of the system’s ability to handle the building needs, an assessment on the remaining useful life of the equipment and a comprehensive review of compliance with code related issues. The consultant review and report also provides capital planning costs specific to the property.

Specific Failures and Upgrades: The elevator consultant assists with the evaluation of elevator and escalator failures to determine the root cause and appropriate corrective action needed. Often these failures are due to a lack of proper preventative maintenance procedures and therefore should be covered by the elevator maintenance company. The consultant will represent the interest of the property manager and owner in interactions with the elevator company.