City Centre elevator modernization

The City Centre elevator modernization, winner of the “2018 Elevator Modernization of the Year” in Elevator World magazine, was a unique application of a destination dispatching control system incorporating both traction and hydraulic elevators into one system. By utilizing this dispatching system with the elevator modernization, the elevator system is now able to properly provide efficient vertical transportation service for this building.

Only a plane ride away!

We have been asked if we do projects outside of Florida. YES we do!! After all, it’s only a plane ride away!

1st Public Use of an Escalator

The first escalator that was put into public use in the U.S. was originally built for the Paris Exposition in 1900. After the fair, it was disassembled and shipped to Philadelphia where it was installed in the Gimbel Brothers Department Store. The first escalator in London was also put into a department store, Harrods, in 1898.


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